An open mind is a fundamental value of

Better Together World.

A world full of diversity and choices makes each one of us unique, lets us feel free to express ourselves and to exchange and communicate with each other more. Open mindedness allows our society to be more inclusive, beautiful and compassionate. I am open-minded to our differences, and I am mindful and respectful of others’ believes and cultures.


Sustainable lifestyle? Who’s not?

I care greatly for our planet earth. And I am deeply concerned about the climate crisis. I actively manage a sustainable lifestyle, such as consciously spending less, wasting less, and doing anything that helps sustain the wellbeing of our shared future. Sustainability is embedded in my everyday life.


Ubuntu! Big or small, my action does matter.

Seeing our world as a connected whole, I believe my action matters and that it can bring about a positive change. I am currently carrying on a project, individually or in cooperation, that is creating social impacts. Every action that makes our world better counts.       


1 plus 1 means a ton.

I believe that collaboration is a key to cultivating a greater good society. I am open to being in touch with other practitioners, sharing my experience and talent, learning from others, and creating opportunities to collaborate.


“Healthy me” makes “Our world” healthier.

By keeping my cup full first I can help others. Am I eating healthy? Am I exercising enough or meditating more, or consciously allocating quality time for myself such as for a mindful cup of afternoon tea?



The greater good is our goal.
Sustainability is our way.
And, Together is our spirit.


I am a global citizen,

a proud member of collective WE.
I believe that a Better World is

possible and worth creating together.